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2 important principles for management QA

Voice communication QA is becoming more and more important in recent years. On the other hand, bots and AI are helping customers to resolve them problems and questions by themselves.


Nowadays QA organization and staffs are increasing in Japan. About 10 years ago, QA staffs were less in Japan. They are always thinking about how they should do to make good conversation with their customers. Their tasks are looks simply, but too tough; calibration, monitoring, evaluate, feedback, coaching, training, etc.


Here are 2 important principles for management QA.


1) QA is "emotional labor".

2) Manage them same as agents.  


1) QA is “emotional labor”.

Nowadays agents are recognized as an emotional labor. I believe that QA also emotional laber. Because, when we monitor the call, we always image customers emotions and expectation, think about their CX. In addition, image agents perceptions; emotions and their situation. QA should imagine both, customer and agent. Plus, company’s compliance and business objectives. Yes, QA should think in three sides. That’s why I said QA job is tough one. Unfortunately, some agents would say QA work is better than the agents. Here in Japan, sometimes I hear this kind of agent’s voice. Managers should explain to all staffs about QA is also very important function same as the agents, too.


2) Manage them same as agents.

I believe most of contact center SV and managers are doing 1 on 1 meeting once a month. SV are doing monitoring during customer and agent conversation. To encourage agents are important action to make a great hospitality for their customers. To make a good CX, first we need good ES.

 But how about QA staffs? QA manager doing 1 on 1 session on a regular basis? How encourage them? Fortunately, we have enough experience about the way of keeping agents motivations. QA job is emotional work too, we should manage them same as agents.


Always encourage them! This will make good CX for your company.

By Mika Onishi, Insight Inc.